Commodore 9065D und 9150D

Die Festplattenlaufwerke 9065D und 9150D wurden Anfang 1982 angekünftig. Der Source-Code dieses Super-DOS für dieser Laufwerke war in der Version 3.0 und ist auf April 1981 datiert.
Offensichtlich wurden diese Laufwerke später als D9060 und D9090 verkauft.

The TORPET (Toronto Pet Users Group) - January, 1982 - Issue No. 08

Commodore also announced two new hard disk units at the Las Vegas Computer show. They are the 9065D and the 9150D which are both based on 5 1/4 inch Winchester technology. They provide 5 and 7.5 Megabytes of formatted data respectively. Both drives contain a built-in IEEE-488 interface and are compatible with the disk commands found on the 4040 and 8050. The retail price is expected to be about $4000 in Canada for the 5 Meg drive.

Creative Computing Magazine - April 1982 - Volume 08 Number 04

Two new hard disk units enable users of Commodore Business Machines microcomputers to increase the storage capacity of their systems.
Designated the 9065D and 9150D, the new units are based on 5 1/4" Winchester technology. The 9065D offers 6.4 megabyte (unformatted) characters of storage, while the 9150D is capable of storing 9.6 megabytes (unformatted). Both units contain a built-in IEEE-488 interface for attachment to any Commodore PET, CBM or Super-PET computer.
The hard disks are DOS compatible with Commodore's current floppy disk drives.
Commodore Business Machines. Inc., 681 Moore Rd., King of Prussia, PA 19406, (215) 337-7100.